Loss and Grief

“All changes involve loss, just as all losses require change”

I offer Grief Counseling for losses that have overwhelmed your coping ability.

I specialize in counseling children, teens and adults coping with disturbing life events; loss, grief and trauma.


Grief is multi-faceted; with emotional, physical, social, behavioral and spiritual aspects. Depending on a person’s personality, family values, culture and religious beliefs, grief can manifest itself differently.

I offer many years of experience working with trauma and loss, using creative, integrated approaches to help children and adults find their resilience at times of great challenge. I believe that:

·Grief is a natural reaction to death

· Each individual has a natural capacity to heal from loss

· The duration and intensity of grief are unique to each individual

· Caring and acceptance assist in the healing process

· Grief for non death-related losses can be profound: divorce, separations, loss of employment, moving, retirement and disability


Grieving for a Pet

I recognize that people whose pets die are not given the support that others get, whose family member or loved one has died. Yet, pets are our family members and pets often times are partners in our life journey. I provide a safe environment and understanding support so that each person may find his/her unique path through grief to healing.

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